how to donate

For every $1 donated, $9.00 in supplies

are sent to support disaster and humanitarian relief.


Donate through the general operating fund, a specific project, capital project or endowment fund.

Any direct donation from your IRA Required Minimum Distribution is tax free.  EIN# 37-1391589

How to Donate Online:

Other ways to Donate:
  • Mail: 1001 Mission Dirve, Pawnee, IL 62558
  • Text: MMDC to 41444
  • Bulk Supplies: Through Dollar Days CLICK HERE
  • Supplies can be dropped off M-F 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM or in foyer after hours and weekends. 

By using Dollar Days you will triple your donations due to Midwest Mission negotiating deals through suppliers which in turn only cost, on average, a third of the retail price. 

Why Donate?

Donations are particularly important to Midwest Mission because we operate completely through individual donations.  This means we run on the faith of God's generous people. Midwest Mission works diligently to be the best steward of every donation. Midwest Mission has no debt & only purchases supplies or campus upgrades when funds are available. 

Cash donations are the most efficient form of assistance.  For every $1.00 donated, $9.00 in supplies are then sent out to support humanitarian relief.  Unlike material donations, cash involves no transportation costs or shipping delays.  It also enables relief organizations to spend more time providing aid by spending less time managing goods.

Midwest Mission is a 501c(3) organization.

Below are specific fundraising campaigns.


Although assembled kits take more processing time, they are much appreciated and we understand the importance for missionaries to get a hands on experience. 

View Kits Here


Midwest Mission operates on 100% of individual donations.  We are diligent to be the best stewards of your donations. With your donations we use 79% on programs, 16% on management and 5% on fundraising.  We are very proud of these numbers. We strive to keep your donations going to help people, not just around the world, but around the corner.  

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