World Mission Outreach (WMO)


In February Midwest Mission sent two shipments totaling 28,990 pounds of medical supplies, sewing machines, Personal Dignity Kits, school bags and much more to World Mission Outreach (WMO) ,in Hickory NC. In April WMO sent a group to Nicaragua on a mission trip. A mission they focus on is teaching Trade Skill Education. One of the days they focused on sewing to make clothes, blankets, sheets and anything else they may need for their daily life or to sell and make a profit!  They also handed out school bags and Personal Dignity kits to the children.

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Er Abroad: Mission Possible

ER Abroad is a not-for profit organization that provides basic healthcare to villagers in the impoverished areas of central Guatemala. Founded in 2008, ER Abroad continues to provide basic health care to people who rarely get to see a doctor.

ER Abroad typically sends teams of 8-10 medical professionals who provide basic healthcare, medications, vitamins and over the counter pain medications  to those who do not have access to health care.  Treating everything from skin infections, internal parasites and machete wounds. Teams have also diagnosed serious illnesses including diabetes, cardiac abnormalities and skin cancers.  The second ER Abroad team even delivered a baby their first day of clinic.  

The most recent ER Abroad team was in Guatemala February 11-19, 2016. Along was 2 Doctors, 1 Nurse Practitioner, 3 EMT's and 2 RN's. The base of their operation is the old city of Antigua but they traveled up to an hour and a half to provide services to the most needed in small villages and towns.  

During these five days of clinics ER Abroad examined and treated 552 patients.  Each family that was served at their clinics received a Personal Dignity Kit from Midwest Mission.