Midwest Mission opened for ministry in 2000. Midwest Mission collects, makes, assembles & restores supplies for humanitarian and disaster relief. The work is done by volunteers who come from all over the US to serve. The 30,000 sq. ft. facility is located on an 10-acre campus 4 miles south of Springfield, Illinois.  Midwest Mission is a cooperating depot in the United Methodist  Committee on Relief (UMCOR) Relief Supply Network, & partners with Food for the Poor, Franciscan Mission Warehouse, Christians in  Mission & US South Command donating supplies to humanitarian aid missions. 


Midwest Mission Kits

Click below for the contents of the kits & patterns that Midwest Mission distributes

Around the world & Around the corner.

Midwest Mission will continue to collect and disburse all kits that have been discontinued by UMCOR. 

  • All items must be NEW and not washed. 
  • Kits can ONLY contain the requested items. 
  • No hand prints, foot prints, or paw prints on any of the fabric used for the sewn patterns. 

Project Brochure: CLICK HERE

Sewing Patterns: CLICK HERE

Assembly of midwest mission

personal Dignity Kit


United Methodist Committee on relief (UMCOR) kits

From the UMCOR website: "UMCOR collects hygiene, school, and cleaning kits for distribution within the United States. Kits help sustain everyday life for people who lack ready access to essential supplies when a disaster strikes. International distribution of relief supplies will be discontinued by December 31, 2017. Relief grants will be offered to international partners to allow for local purchase and assembly of kits which are more culturally appropriate." 

*Click below for the contents of the kits. Please Note several UMCOR kits have been eliminated.*

Updated May 2018

School desks

$150 Value

Did you know that children's desks for Mission Schools around the world are created at Midwest Mission. 

The desk shop builds school desks using recycled bleacher wood and donated counter tops. The bleacher wood has been reclaimed from public buildings such as schools, community centers, & churches who are renovating or updated their facilities. Our missionaries clean, plane, and cut the wood to size. They then assemble the desk while labeling each piece for easy directions to reassemble once delivered. Once labeled it gets taken back apart to get 4 coats of clear polyurethane for the finishing touch. 

Please donate counter-tops & feel free to notify Midwest Mission of potential bleacher wood that is available. 

*We are no longer accepting desks built off site.*


These restoration projects require hand on attention to detail and mechanical know how. Midwest Mission is blessed to have such skills available to us, through our missionaries. These machines not only provide a means to support one's family but they open new doors for great opportunities for these families to grow. 

  • Bicycle

    $38 Value

    The bicycle shop repairs over 300 bicycles a year that are sent all around the world  to help those in need of transportation. At Midwest Mission all bicycles are repaired using parts from other bicycles in order to save our environment. If you or someone you know is able to repair bicycles please call Midwest Mission to become a Missionary for this cause 217.483.7911 or email office@midwestmission.org

    *Midwest Mission is currently taking all bicycles and bicycle parts.*

  • Sewing Machines

    Treadle $500 Value & Electric $100 Value

    The Sewing Machine shop repairs over 300 electric & treadle sewing machines a year that are sent internationally to provide a means of support for their families. At Midwest Mission all sewing machines are repaired using parts from other machines in order to save our environment. If you or someone you know is able to repair sewing machines please call Midwest Mission to become a Missionary for this cause 217.483.7911 or email office@midwestmission.org

    *Midwest Mission is currently taking all working electric sewing machines and all treadles. Any electric sewing machine not working can not be accepted. *

  • Sewn/knitted/crocheted items

    Midwest Mission has patterns for sewn, knitted, and crocheted items including: 

    • Layette Items
    • Kimonos
    • Girls/Boys Outfits
    • School Bags
    • Cloth Diapers
    • Quilts
    • Reusable Menstrual Pads
    • Sweaters
    Many pattern projects accompany Midwest Mission Kits. Patterns are available HERE or by calling Ashley with Midwest Mission at 217.697.4681
  • medical supplies

    Midwest Mission takes donations of new or slightly used medical supplies and equipment. These supplies are typically sent internationally with our Food for the Poor and Military Partners. 

    *Please no medications.*