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Back to School Bag Project

The Back to School Bag Project is a challenge to collect school supplies with your community, and assemble Student Kits. This is an easy, accessible way to be the hands and feet of Jesus by showing God's love to children around the world through these school necessities. 


Back-to-school season is coming, and school supplies will be on sale. You can purchase supplies cheaper than Midwest Mission can in bulk. 

How to Participate

  1. Hand out empty grocery bags with the Student Kit list (click here) attached to them.

  2. Have people fill these bags with the school supplies needed for the kits - give them a deadline!

  3. Have people make one-handled bags (click here to see pattern). If no one is able to make one-handled bags, you can send the kits in grocery bags.

  4. Once supplies have been collected in the grocery bags, bring all of the items together and get your community together to assemble Student Kits. (Click here to see the Student Kit Assembly video.)

  5. Deliver the assembled kits to Midwest Mission (1001 Mission Drive, Pawnee, IL 62558) or to a Permanent Collection Site near you (click here to see Permanent Collection Sites).

This would be a great way to participate in Midwest Mission Sunday — see more info here.

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