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Every child deserves needed school supplies.

For $7 per Student Kit, you can give
school supplies to a child in need.

Children around the world are in need of basic school supplies.
Together, we can provide supplies for almost 10,000 students.

Think back to when you were in school. Or think about your children or grandchildren or the children at your church during back-to-school season when the excitement is high because all of the school supplies are on sale and you get to go shopping! You grab the 64-box of Crayola Crayons with the sharpener in the back, the big box of colored pencils and all the fun notebooks with fancy designs on them. The pencils you grab might even be mechanical and in a variety of colors. You see a back-pack with all the pockets and can’t wait to load all the supplies you bought into it! Then it’s time … school starts! You and the child you bought for are ready to strap on the back-pack, get their first-day of school picture taken and head off to use all of the new tools. Smiles everywhere. Confidence to conquer the day.


Now think about a child who has no experience with this. In fact, think of a child who may not get to experience school at all. It isn’t required everywhere. But there are kids who actually WANT TO GO TO SCHOOL! And they need the resources to help them with their education … notebooks, pencils, colored pencils, crayons, erasers, scissors, rulers, pencil sharpeners and a bag to hold all of the supplies. 

Your impact will reach 10 different countries by May, 2024.

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Each year we partner with the U.S. Southern Command for their annual Humanitarian Aid Exercise - Resolute Sentinel.

This year, they will be holding exercises in Peru. They have asked us to provide Student Kits for elementary-aged children in 68 schools they will be serving. In total, we will be sending 4,260 Student Kits to Cabullaconcha, Peru. The cost for these kits will be $29,820.


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Disasters are inevitable, and disasters like hurricanes and floods are a very common occurrence in the Caribbean. Because of this, our partner, Food For The Poor, seeks to get ahead of the disaster, and provide help before they even need it. 

Each year, Food For The Poor, pre-positions community disaster relief kits in nine different countries. These kits have enough supplies to serve 250 families. They include items like emergency blankets, solar lights, hygiene kits, and water purification systems. It also includes the Midwest Mission Student Kit.

In times of disaster, our Student Kit is vital in helping distract children from the stress and trauma of their crisis. Something as simple as a box of crayons, a notebook, and a pencil can bring confidence and hope to a young person!

Each year, we provide 20 pallets of Student Kits (5,600 kits) that will be disbursed among the nine different countries in the spring. Whatever supplies have been unused by the end of the year will be distributed to families in need in the country.  The cost of this endeavor is $39,200 each year to build these kits.

You can help bring hope and relief in the midst of crisis.

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