Address: 1001 Mission Drive Pawnee, IL 62558

Phone: 217.483.7911

Email: office@midwestmission.org

Hours: M-F 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM (Weekends & Evenings by appointment)

Staff Contact Information:

Executive Director - Chantel Corrie

Email: chantel@midwestmission.org

Phone: 217.714.6078

Operations Manager - Brad Walton

Email: brad@midwestmission.org

Phone: 217.358.6675

Communications Manager - Lisa Rigoni

Email: lisa@midwestmission.org

Phone: 217.697.4681

Office Manager - Cindy Chase

Email: cindy@midwestmission.org

Phone: 217.697.4136

Missionary Coordinator - Barb Hedinger

Email: barb@midwestmission.org

Phone: 217.697.4680

Administrative Specialist - Pat Wright

Email:  pat@midwestmission.org

Phone: 217.697.4063

Administrative Specialist - Sue Zellers

Email: sue@midwestmission.org

Phone: 630.504.2043

Operation Assistant - Ramon Ortiz

Email: ramon@midwestmission.org

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