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To volunteer at Midwest Mission you must register and reserve a spot using the mission journey calendar. 

A daily limit of 26 mission volunteers is the facility limit.  We want to give each missionary a great volunteer experience and make sure our high-quality standards are still being met.  

If you have questions or need assistance please contact our Reservation Coordinator, Pat Wright at 217.697.4063 or pat@midwestmission.org

About Your Journey

Midwest Mission has few staff, so the vast majority of our mission is carried out by volunteers. Midwest Mission needs & loves its volunteers.  Anyone from the age of 11 and up are welcome to join our Mission!

There are many ways in which you can be a part of the Mission at Midwest Mission. You can serve: 

  • A day
  • A week
  • Or anything in between. 

At Midwest Mission, we strive to accommodate a wide variety of ability levels, from sit down work to manual labor. While at Midwest Mission, volunteers will: 

  • Pack kits
  • Sort items
  • Sew
  • Help with mailings
  • Build desks
  • Repair bicycles & sewing machines
  • Help load/unload supplies
  • Or whatever the current requested needs are at the time

If  you are interested in a TOUR, email: office@midwestmission.org.

A daily limit of 26 mission volunteers.  We want to give each person a great volunteer experience and make sure our high quality standards are still being met.  

To get more information about being a Mission Volunteer or bringing a team for a Mission Journey view the below documents: 

Mission Journey

Mission Booklet

Adult/Youth Safe Sanctuary Policy

Overnight Accommodations

Options on campus

  • Dormitory:  The dorm can sleep 18 to 32 with full kitchen, laundry and bathroom/showers. 6 Rooms have two sets of bunk beds and 2 Rooms have one set of bunk beds and two twin size beds. 
  • DuplexThe duplex can sleep 2 to 4. (This is typical reserved for our Volunteer Leaders)
  • RV: 13 RV sites with full hook up - Water / Electricity / Sewage Dump / 30 & 50 AMP / Opened Year Round

When staying onsite you will need to bring your own: 

  • Bedding Supplies from sheets, blankets and pillows
  • Hygiene Supplies
  • Laundry Detergent
  • Food Supplies for meals

Options to stay off campus

(these are not recommendations- only suggestions)

  • Baymont Inn: B5871 S 6th-Frontage Rd East in Springfield, IL  62703.  This hotel is under new management & (as of 8/6/2018) the new rate negotiated for Midwest Mission volunteers is $59.99, depending on availability & some blackout dates may apply. Please call the Baymont at 217.529.6655 to reserve your rooms and tell them your with  Midwest Mission to get the special rate. Note: Make sure to communicate that you are with Midwest Mission in order to get the lower rate. This rate includes breakfast, microwave & refrigerator, indoor pool, hot tub, fitness room, WIFI, and coin-operated laundry facilities. During COVID-19 some of these services may not be available so please call hotel ahead of time. 
  • La Quinta Inn: 1121 Lejune Drive in Springfield, IL.  This is a new hotel about 7 miles north of Midwest Mission, off of I-55 in Springfield.  The current lowest published rate is $89.00
  • Days Inn: 5970 S Sixth Street in Springfield, IL.  This is an older hotel, lowest published rate is $67.49 per night.
  • Motel 6: 6011 S Sixth Street in Springfield, IL.  This is an older hotel, lowest published rate is $60.00 per night.

mission Volunteer fees

Updated 5.23.2019

Once you have made a reservation online, the "Team Leader" will receive an email with the Mission Booklet and Mission Journey Brochure that provides information to share with their group along with the teams Mission Journey Statement Form that will address the below fee's.   

  • Full Day Material Fee: $12 per person per day
  • Part Day Material Fee: $6 per person per morning (8:30 AM to 11:30 AM) or afternoon (12:30 AM to 4 PM) shift

*This material fee is to help pay for the facility and/or any materials that are used while here.*

It is due the day you schedule by midnight that day. 

  • Dormitory Lodging$40 per dorm room, per night
  • Duplex Lodging: $40 per duplex per night
  • RV Lodging :$20 per RV per night
  • Tent Camping: $10 per tent per night

Non - Refundable Reservation FeesThis is to guarantee your reservation for those staying on site.  This payment is due at midnight the day you schedule your reservation. Again this is non - refundable and does not apply to any other Mission Journey fees. 

  • $40 per dorm room for Dormitory Lodging
  • $40 per Duplex
  • $20 per RV Spot
  • $10 per Tent Spot

Tips & Tricks for

Volunteer Matrix

Click Below on the subject you are needing assistance with.  


Missionary Team Leader Information

(This person schedules a team to come to Midwest Mission) 

  1. Book and schedule for your team to come to Midwest Mission using Volunteer Matrix. This applies to day teams, teams staying off-site, and teams staying on-site in the Dorm.
  2. You will first want to log into Volunteer Matrix by going to https://mmdc.volunteermatrix.com/. Once you have logged in please complete your Volunteer Profile in Volunteer Matrix. Then view to see if you have already been assigned a team. If not, please add your team to your profile along with any of the known team members you have.
  3. You then can invite those team members to create their own Volunteer Profiles by sending them via email the provided link from Volunteer Matrix or you can complete their profile for them. Please note you would need to know their personal and medical information for this part.
  4. If any member of your team has physical or mental special needs, you are responsible for assigning another team member to guide and assist them with assigned tasks. 
  5. As the Team Leader, you will be responsible for all the payments for this booking.   
  • Non-Refundable Reservation Fees are due the by midnight the day you book. If not your reservation will be automatically canceled.
  • If you are booking more than 8 weeks before your arrival date:  the Non-Refundable Reservation Fee is due by midnight the day you book, and then half of the remaining balance is due 8 weeks prior to your arrival.
  • If you are booking less than 8 weeks from your arrival date:  the Non-Refundable Reservation Fee and half of your remaining balance are due by midnight the day you book. If not your reservation will be canceled.
  • Payments will need to be made in Volunteer Matrix by credit card or electronic check/bank transfer (routing number and account number required).
  • You will receive email reminders from Volunteer Matrix regarding all your payments.
  • No refunds will be provided after your 8-week deadline. In addition, if you book less than 8 weeks prior to your reservation date, there will be no refunds. 

Online Calendar & Reservation System

To see our current Mission Journey Openings or to Schedule a Mission Journey click below to access our new online Calendar and Reservation system. 

Mission Calendar

where are we?

We are in the SAME location but have a NEW address!

1001 Mission Drive, Pawnee, IL  62558


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Quotes from our MISSIONARIES

"Everyone should experience the tour, and the gracious staff and co-volunteers."

Midwest Mission "develops great community spirit for our church."

"They are the most organized group I've ever worked for."

"Feels like a Bible Church Camp for adults."

"For anyone - there is a job."

"This is truly a blessed experience. I now have a new respect for world-wide missions."

"The dorm /gathering room / kitchen lends to a retreat atmosphere and continuation of the spiritual growth of the week."