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at Midwest Mission | April 15, 17-21

Goal: Pack 48,000 Rice Meals in One Week

You can also participate by donating towards the Rice Meals. Under "My gift is for," select "Ukraine Relief."

Midwest Mission still stands with Ukraine.

The war in Ukraine may be out of the news, but it is not out of our hearts. There are still millions of people in need of basic resources — such as food. Our partners in Ukraine are still requesting our Rice Meals. The Rice Meals are very useful - they are easy, high in nutrition, and can feed 6 people. 

Many churches are hosting off-site Rice Meal Packs, assembling thousands of Rice Meals each week. (If you are interested in hosting an off-site Rice Meal Pack, click here.)


But, we still need more Rice Meals.

We have sent 11 shipments to Ukraine since the war began, with at least 12,000 Rice Meals on most of those shipments. When Rice Meals are assembled, they are in the warehouse for only a few weeks before they are shipped out. Because of the great need for Rice Meals, and the speed at which they are getting shipped out, we have decided to host a Rice Meal Pack at Midwest Mission. 

Our goal is to pack 48,000 Rice Meals in one week.
On April 15, 17-21, we invite you to join us at Midwest Mission and pack Rice Meals.


To volunteer, please sign up ahead of time, so we have a spot available for you. Shifts are one and a half hours long. You are welcome to sign up for more than one shift. Bring a friend or family member and enjoy a time of service together!

Bring lots of energy and excitement! You must wear closed toe shoes. If you are under 18, you must have a parent/guardian serving with you.

Spots are limited - sign up now! 

Time Slots:
Saturday, April 15:

Monday-Thursday, April 17-20

Friday, April 21



You can participate in our mission by donating towards the cost of the Rice Meals. 
On the donate page, under "My Gift is For," select "Ukraine Relief."

Each Rice Meal costs $2 to make, and feeds 6 people.

$20 will feed 60 people.
$80 will make a box of Rice Meals that will feed 240 people.
$250 will feed 750 people.
$2,400 will make a pallet of Rice Meals that will feed 7,200 people.

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