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You can help us meet needs around the world and around the corner.

How it works

Our trusted partners give us requests based on the needs they have in their communities.


If we do not have what they need, or our supply of needed kits is low, we put it on our Current Needs List.


You can buy or collect items on the list and give them to Midwest Mission. 


Once we have the needed items, volunteers prepare them to be shipped to our partners.


How you can help

Hold a collection at your church, organization, or home.

Ask for specifically needed items that are found on our kit list. 

Have a start and end-date for your collection.

Once you have collected, you can bring them to Midwest Mission, a Permanent Collection Site near you, or call 217-483-7911 to see if someone can pickup from your area.

Buy items off of our shopping lists.

We have online shopping lists with Amazon, Walmart, and Dollar Days. 

You can buy items directly off of the lists and they will be sent straight to Midwest Mission.

Buy items and get them to Midwest Mission.

You can also buy items that are on our kit list at any store and bring the items to Midwest Mission. Sometimes our current needs are items we are having trouble buying in bulk - you can find them below. Your willingness to buy those items allows us to continue building kits, even when we cannot buy bulk products.

Once you have bought the items, you can bring them to Midwest Mission, a Permanent Collection Site near you, or call 217-483-7911 to see if someone can pickup from your area.

Make a monetary donation.

You can always make a monetary contribution towards our current needs right here on our website.

We are 91% funded by donations from individuals and churches.

Shopping Lists

Click here to buy items in bulk on Dollar Days

To Buy Items from our Walmart Lists:

1. Click here to go to website.

2. Change location zip code to "62558".

3. Search "Midwest Mission Distribution Center."

4. Click on Midwest Mission Distribution Center.

5. Click on the registry for the kit you are interested in buying items for.

6. At the top of each registry is information about the quantity needed for each item in the kit. Feel free to purchase as many you'd like.

7. Add products to your cart and check out! They will be shipped to Midwest Mission.

To buy items from Amazon lists:

1. Click on the link below for the kit you are interested in buying for.

2. At the top of each registry, the information for quantity needed is listed.

3. Add items to your cart + checkout. They will be shipped right to Midwest Mission.

Non-Kit Items We Collect
These items can be dropped off at Midwest Mission or a Permanent Collection Site. If you have a large quantity of items and you would like us to pick them up, or if you have any questions, call the office at 217-483-7911.

Medical Equipment and Supplies

Items accepted: folding walkers, crutches, canes, wheelchairs, knee scooters, shower chairs, hospital beds, and orthopedic supplies. Call 217-483-7911 or email if you have other items.


New and gently used,

non-electric tools and tarps.

Commonly requested:

rakes, shovels, brooms

Sewing Machines

Electric machines must be in good, working condition. All treadle machines are accepted. We do not take electronic machines.


In good, working condition with minimal to no rust. We accept all types and sizes.

Fire Equipment

We accept fire equipment, firetrucks, and ambulances. The fire equipment can be expired and will be sent outside of the United States. For more information, click here.

Handmade Items

Many kit items can be handmade. You can find instructions and patterns for needed items here.

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