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Midwest Mission sends resources like Rice Meals
and medical supplies to meet community health needs.

When someone's health is at jeopardy, everything else is.

We understand when there is a health need in someone's life, it effects so many different areas of their life. From a lack of mobility to being unable to work or attend school, their daily life, and potentially their family's life, is disrupted. We aim to provide the resources needed to meet these needs. 

We accept donations of medical supplies and equipment from hospitals, nursing homes, and individuals. We also assemble health-related kits and handmade items. 

Another aspect of our health resources is our Rice Meals. Our Rice Meals contain a vitamin-filled seasoning packet, dried vegetables, rice, and soy. One bag costs $2 to make, but can feed 6 people.


Health Kits

Rice Meals

One bag feeds 6 people and costs $2 to make.

  • Vitamin  + Seasoning Packet

  • Dried Vegetables

  • Soy

  • Rice

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