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Sleeping Mats

Sleeping Mats

One of Midwest Mission's projects is making Plarn Sleeping Mats. Plarn is plastic yarn made out of plastic grocery bags. The Sleeping Mats are sent internationally and locally. They are great for those who need a barrier between them and the hard ground. They have been sent for disaster relief, for the homeless, and for those who need temporary sleeping arrangements.

Make Sleeping Mats | The Loom

We make and send out looms to churches so they can make Sleeping Mats. Having a loom set up in your church's lobby or fellowship hall is a great way for people to do a couple minutes of mission work, all while fellowshipping with fellow Christians. If your church is interested in making Sleeping Mats, let us know! You can collect plarn or grocery bags, and use the loom before/after service, or whenever you'd like. The completed mats could be handed out to local homeless populations or shelters, or you can bring finished mats to Midwest Mission or a Permanent Collection Site near you.

To request a loom for your location, click here.

How to Use the Loom + Cut Bags

There are 2 sleeping mat methods for using the loom. Choose which works best for you!

After cutting the bags, keep the bits and pieces to properly recycle!

We encourage you to save the pieces and partner with Trex, who will turn the recycled plastic into outdoor furniture and decking.

Click here to see a list of participating stores that allow plastic bag drop-offs in your state.

Forms + Tips

Loom Request

Volunteer Time Record PDF Download

Site Mat Record PDF Download

Tips + Tricks PDF Download

You can build your own Loom using the building plans found here.

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