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micro business

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Providing a way out of poverty.

Sewing Machines and Bicycles as a means for business

Many of us have sewing machines in the house that we use as a hobby. But, for women around the world, a sewing machine is their saving grace. We send sewing machines to nonprofits around the world who take them and teach women how to sew. After they learn how to sew, they are able to make clothing and needed items for their families, and they are able to make items to sell. In many cases, this prevents them from having to sell their bodies.


Transportation is one of the largest barriers people in poverty face, whether in the United States or abroad. For many of us, bicycles are a fun toy we get in childhood and use when we are bored. But for others, bicycles break down the transportation barrier, and provide a means to get to work, travel to receive their education, or receive health care. Having a bicycle means having a better opportunity for education, health care, and business.


Here in the United States and globally, bicycles are needed to go to and from work, to travel to buy things for work, and, for some, are work itself. Many people sell from their bicycles, or use their bicycles to transport people or goods. We send out bicycles so that people have a means to work, and, in turn, are empowered to make a better life for themselves.

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Micro Business

Micro Business

Sewing Machines

We accept electric sewing machines in good working condition as well as treadle sewing machines.

Have a sewing machine in good working condition or a treadle sewing machine you'd like to donate?

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