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Midwest Mission provides the tools that set students up for longterm success.

"Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom.”
George Washington Carver

There are many keys to success, but one of the most important is education. In the United States, we often take for granted the blessings we have when it comes to education. Most of us learned with a roof over our head, a solid desk to write on, and the supplies needed to further our learning.


The problem is many students lack desks or the basic supplies needed to accelerate the learning process. We send these items to students who cannot afford, or don't have access to, the items they need to succeed in school.

Midwest Mission makes Student Desks from reclaimed bleacher wood donated from schools in the United States. Volunteers disassemble bleachers, and deliver the wood to Midwest Mission, or Midwest Mission will come and pick up the disassembled wood. Then, the volunteers cut and pelletize the wood, scrape the gum off, plane the wood, and plug holes with dowel rods. Then the wood is cut into the different lengths needed for the desk parts and prepared for assembly. Volunteers assemble, label the parts, make sure it sits flat and doesn't wobble. Then, the desk is disassembled and individually wrapped.


These are sturdy desks that can fit up to four small children. The desks have been sent to several different countries to give students a good and sturdy place to comfortably learn. 

We also put together Student Kits. Our Student Kits have the basic supplies that most children would need for school. 

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Our Feminine Hygiene Kit is another key to success. Many girls around the world do not have access to or the ability to pay for needed feminine hygiene products. This prevents them from going to school while they are menstrating. Many girls have to drop out because they miss too much school. From an early age, these girls are behind on education and opportunity. These reusable Feminine Hygiene Kits allow girls to stay in school and continue to learn and make opportunities for themselves, so they can succeed in life. 


Education Kits

Student Desks

Each desk is made at Midwest Mission. The desks are made of reclaimed bleacher wood that has been donated by churches or schools.

These desks are built, labeled, deconstructed, and wrapped for shipping. The nonprofit who receives the desk will distribute the desks. The desk is able to be built through the marked labels on the desk parts.

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