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Iowa Location


219 N Chestnut St, Jefferson, IA, 50129


The Midwest Mission Experience

A Training Ground for Off-Site and At-Home Mission Opportunities

It's amazing what a group of volunteers can do at Midwest Mission, but what is even more amazing is the impact that is made when each person goes home and gets someone else involved in mission. Once you experience the joy that comes from serving, you want to do more... and it's contagious!


The problem is, not everyone can come to Midwest Mission, so we've created a way for the mission to come to your church and home. You should be able to impact the world from wherever you are. But, sometimes it can be hard to figure out which service opportunity is best for your community. At Midwest Mission, we offer multiple, hands-on mission opportunities that are easy, accessible, and can be done right where you are! Whether you want to serve from home, or host an Off-Site Event at your location, we have everything you need to serve together and grow together.

We understand that it can be hard to jump into a new project without having done it before! That's why we have created the "Midwest Mission Experience" at Midwest Mission Iowa. If you are interested in a mission experience for your church or community, this will be perfect for you! 

What is the Midwest Mission Experience?

The Midwest Mission Experience is a chance for you and your group of volunteer leaders to learn and try out the different opportunities Midwest Mission has for at-home or off-site serving.

During the Midwest Mission Experience, your team of up to 12 people will learn about who Midwest Mission is, how to assemble Personal Dignity Kits, Student Kits, and Rice Meals during, and how you can participate in sewing projects and other opportunities right from home.


This is perfect for groups that:

  • … want to get more involved in serving.

  • … want to do an Off-Site Event, but aren’t sure which one is right for them.

  • … want to learn more about Midwest Mission.

The Midwest Mission Experience is a half-day, and costs $6 per person.

During either a half-day or day-long period, you will:

  • learn about Midwest Mission and the impact you make in the world

  • Assemble Student Kits

  • Pack Rice Meals

  • Assemble Personal Dignity Kits

  • Try sewing projects (No sewing knowledge needed! From cutting to sewing, there is something anyone can do.)

Then, you will have all the information you need to take back to your community and get others involved right where you are!

The best part? You'll be making a world-wide impact while you learn! When your items get shipped, you'll receive an email letting you know where they went.

How do I do this?

For the Midwest Mission Experience, you must reserve a shift ahead of time. We do not take walk-ins at this time. To reserve your shift, call our reservations coordinator at 217-483-7911 or email

**Saturday Shifts are by request only, and will be $12 per person.

As an organization, our biggest area of growth in 2023 was our off-site opportunities, and we believe this is because of the impact it makes in churches hosting them. These opportunities allow us to bring the mission to you. Entire congregations serve alongside one another, new relationships are formed, discipleship happens over packing Rice Meals, and churches are revitalized with a renewed excitement for being the hands and feet of Jesus. Not to mention, so many resources are packed and quickly sent to people in need. 

With every new project, there are always transitions that occur. As 2023 was winding down, Midwest Mission leadership reflected on the first several months of Midwest Mission Iowa’s operation. The new location was a success, but not without many challenges. It became clear that this location could not operate like the main location in Pawnee, Illinois. So, leadership began to plan a new format for our Iowa location that would better suit the needs of Midwest Mission, the needs of those we serve, and the needs of the congregations we partner with.

With this in mind, as we enter into 2024, Midwest Mission Iowa will be a training ground for off-site and at-home opportunities. We are calling it the “Midwest Mission Experience.”

This experience will be the new (and only) volunteer format for Midwest Mission Iowa. So far, volunteers have loved  trying out all kinds of different things, and taking these ideas back to their congregation. 

We hope you consider serving with us in this way!

Stuart UMC, Stuart, IA (Iowa)_edited.jpg

Get 10% Off An Off-Site Event!

If you book a Midwest Mission Experience in 2024, you will receive 10% off a future Off-Site Event! 

To book your Experience, call 217-483-7911 or


To receive the 10% discount, your Midwest Mission Experience must take place in April-December, 2024. Dates are limited to availability. The Off-Site Event must be booked within 60 days of your Experience, and must happen by December 2025. This promotion is for Midwest Mission Experiences at Midwest Mission's location in Jefferson, IA only.

First Anniversary

Midwest Mission Gifts
Although we do not take volunteer walk-ins, feel free to stop by our Fair Trade Gift Shop whenever we are open!

Overnight Accommodations
We do not have on-site accommodations, but there are off-site options available.

Cobblestone Hotel and Suites

771 Wild Rose Lane, Jefferson, IA 50129

Mention "Midwest Mission" when reserving your stay to get a special rate.

Jefferson First United Methodist Church
307 S Wilson Ave, Jefferson, IA 50129

Jefferson FUMC has dorm space available for up to 12 guests.

The cost is $10 per person, per night.

It includes:

- 6 sets of bunk beds (sleeps 12)

- Multiple common areas with a TV + streaming

- Full Kitchen

- Other activities such as a large recreational space with shuffleboard, a prayer labyrinth, a memory garden, and basketball hoops and a tennis court next door at Russell Park.

*At this moment, there are no showers available at the church. Showers are available at the REC center just a block away. Showers plan to be added soon.

For more information, or to book your stay, please contact the church: 515-386-4411 or email

*This stay is through Jefferson FUMC, and is not tied to Midwest Mission Iowa

Experience Jefferson
During your stay in Jefferson, Iowa, there are a lot of local attractions and activities, food, and shopping!
Visit to learn about all of the fun things you can do while in Jefferson.

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