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Help bring hope in the midst of a crisis! Midwest Disaster Response

Updated: Jun 27

Torrential rainfall has caused heavy flooding and river surging in the Midwest. Iowa and Minnesota are two of the states most affected by the devastating waters. 

Record levels of flooding led to basements, houses, and businesses being filled with water, causing thousands of people to evacuate. 

This week, we have been in conversation with Catie Newman, United Methodist Disaster Relief Coordinator in Iowa, and Lyndy Zabel, Midwest Mission Board Member and United Methodist DIsaster Relief Coordinator in Minnesota.

We always find out what is needed before we respond with supplies.  360 Cleaning Kits will be delivered in Spencer, Iowa tomorrow to assist with flood cleanup. Supplies are being prepared to go to Minnesota in early July.

In late May, we sent 32 Tornado Kits and 324 Cleaning Kits in response to the tornado that struck Greenfield, Iowa. 

Our supply of disaster relief is depleting.

As more disasters pop up, you can help us respond. We need to replenish supplies.

Here are three ways you can help:

  • Pray for those who are affected by the flooding, and for the first responders and disaster relief teams who are providing help.

  • Send supplies to Midwest Mission or a Permanent Collection Site near you to help us prepare for future response. We are in need of:

    • 5 gallon buckets and lids

    • 32-64 oz. Bottles of  liquid laundry detergent

    • 16-40 oz. Bottles of liquid concentrate household cleaner

    • 16-34 oz. Bottles of liquid dish soap

    • Scrub brushes

    • Heavy-duty trash bags (33-45 gallon sizes)

    • Kitchen gloves

    • Work gloves

  • Make a monetary donation towards Disaster Relief Supplies that allows us to be flexible and respond to specific requests.

    • Send a check to Midwest Mission — 1001 Mission Drive, Pawnee, IL 62558 with “Disaster Relief Supplies” in the memo

    • Donate online at and choose “Disaster Relief Supplies” under the “My Gift is For” tab

You can help provide needed supplies for those in unthinkable circumstances. Midwest Mission always asks what is needed before we send supplies, and before we ask you for help. Although it’s out of the goodness of hearts, ⅔ of supplies donated to a disaster end up in the garbage because people assume what is needed. 

We want to help you respond in the right way — to show God’s love in a practical way.

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