Who We ARe

Since opening for ministry in 2000, Midwest Mission has been showing God’s Love in practical ways through the distribution of education, health, micro-business, and disaster relief supplies meeting basic human needs around the world and around the corner. A “hands-on” mission experience is provided to those who serve at Midwest Mission which brings hope to those receiving supplies.


Our Mission

Bringing the hearts and hands of God's people together to transform resources into humanitarian relief. 


Midwest Mission distributes its kits, resources and supplies after receiving a request. The supplies are sent locally, nationally, and internationally to those in need during a time of crisis. All supplies are given free of charge regardless of gender, race  or religion.


Midwest Mission connects with local aid organizations by providing items that are received that do not meet kit requirements.


Midwest Mission is one of eight cooperating depots in the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) Supply Network. Midwest Mission distributes UMCOR supplies in response to disasters within the United States.


Midwest Mission is able to do so much work and make donations go farther through the many partnerships it has with other non-profits and the U.S. Southern Command. 

where are we? 

1001 Mission Drive, Pawnee, IL 62558


Right outside Chatham near Ball Elementary and Sugar Creek Church