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Every person deserves

We send tangible resources to those in need to make an
intangible difference in their lives through hope and empowerment.


Around the world and around the corner people are lacking simple resources that could improve their circumstances.

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That's why Midwest Mission sends tangible resources to make an intangible difference in their lives through hope and empowerment.


When disaster strikes, we send requested supplies and prepared kits. Items are also pre-positioned in the U.S. and internationally.

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Disaster Relief


Education is a key to improving a child's circumstances. We provide organizations with student desks and other supplies.

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MMDC Medical Black.png

Health is a basic human need, but many lack equipment and supplies to sustain and improve their health. That's where we come in. 


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We refurbish bikes and sewing machines to send to men and women to give them the means to make a living for their family.

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Micro Business

Our donors and volunteers make a global impact. 

We heavily rely on our volunteers and donors. Our volunteers process, revitalize, and assemble all of our donations, and our only source of income comes from individuals and individual churches.

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How Midwest Mission Works


All our work is done in partnership with trusted nonprofits. Partners help us understand what the current needs are.




We ask our supporters for monetary and in-kind (specific supplies) donations to fill the needs our partners have shared with us. 




Volunteers process, revitalize, and assemble the donated items, both here at Midwest Mission and around the Midwest.




Donations are given to trusted nonprofits to distribute to those who are in crisis. Nonprofits report back about those impacted.



What Our Volunteers Are Saying


"This is a world-wide ministry that is making a difference for Jesus. That I can bring young people to Midwest Mission and have them activate their faith is powerful. The hope is that those young folks, after serving, will activate their faith and outreach in their home churches making a difference in the world by being the hands and feet of Jesus."

Tim Hurie, Petersburg, IL

Our Partners

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